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          1. ทุนฟรีไม่ต้องฝากไม่ต้องแชร์

            Briercrest is a nadian Christ-centred, Bible-anchored, and ministry-focused community that includes a high school, college and seminary. Our schools share a commitment to train students to seek the kingdom of God, to be shaped profoundly by the Scriptures, and to be formed spiritually and intellectually for lives of service.

            I kept to myself in my first year, but through RAs and fellow students, I was drawn out. It is through dorm life that I’ve experienced true community and I think that is an accurate depiction of Briercrest: it’s a small piece of the kingdom.
            Nathan Budge
            BA Christian Ministry

            Experience Briercrest

            Check out what's it like to be a student at Briercrest College! Virtual and on mpus events are available! Follow the link for details and upcoming dates!

            Virtual and On-mpus events available

            Explore Briercrest

            Explore our mpus virtually with our interactive mpus map and learn more about all aspects of life at Briercrest with our video viewbook.


            Willow Allen: From Christian School, to Modelling, to Social Work

            One student's journey meeting Christ and finding the place where her gifts and his heart overlap.

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            • The Briercrest Fund

              Gifts to the annual Briercrest Fund help keep tuition fees lower and make it possible for more students to afford a Christian edution.

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            • Keeping The Faith

              Students who attended Christian higher edution were more likely to remain connected with the Church and with their faith.

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            • Your Legacy

              We invite you to prayerfully consider joining the growing group of friends who desire to do great things for God through Briercrest.

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            My time [at Briercrest Seminary] has guided me deeper into God's Word, and helped me develop my gifts as I look forward to a life in ministry.
            Nathan Scott (Seminary)